Hō‘ike Ha‘a Koa (Dance of the Warrior Exhibition)

The mission of the Hō‘ike Ha‘a Koa is to raise community awareness, interest, and appreciation of the Ha‘a Koa as a cultural protocol with the capacity to unify, inspire, and empower the Hawaiian Community.

Associated benefits include:

  • Provide kāne from every island with a venue to share their respective Ha‘a Koa.
  • Provide kāne with an opportunity to gather, network, and bond.
  • A flexible venue for the development and evolution of the Ha‘a Koa.
  • Mana’o from expert judges to enhance group knowledge, understanding, delivery, and presentation skills of the Ha‘a Koa.
  • Island residents and visitors will have the rare opportunity to experience an important component of the Hawaiian culture that is not widely known or often seen.